Out Of His Haunted Sleep

Miss and Mr. Sasha and both of the little Sashas moved to Colorado Springs in May, which was all good news until Colorado Springs caught fire. I am not enjoying pictures published in the media.

If you recall, last year at this time, they lived in Minot, ND which suffered a catastrophic flood from which Minot has not fully recovered. I did not enjoy pictures of that, either.

Yesterday, Miss Sasha reminded friends that she and Mr. Sasha were in New Orleans the week before Hurricane Katrina. We have decided, she said, the elements hate us. In her place, I might be on the lookout for earthquakes and landslides.

Want to lend a hand? Many thanks!
Humane Society, Pikes Peak Region

Red Cross, Colorado Chapters

See the Evil And the Good Without Hiding

When last we left god-forsaken Kansas, it was ready to forsake caring for women, even sick women. Perhaps the bill will pass, perhaps not, but that’s not really this issue, in my opinion. No, the real question is where is the AMA? Why does the AMA not step in and insist that legislators knock off this destructive shit that will make doctors all but uninsurable in Kansas and any other state that permits or, as in New Hampshire, demands doctors lie to patients?

Neutrality favors the oppressor 100% of the time.

It’s the best question the AMA’s website does nothing to address. Have a look at the site. It’s so mild it says nothing at all about anything, really. Fortunately, there’s a contact site, so you can ask the AMA yourself. I wrote a charming, profanity-free letter asking why the AMA is silent when women are harassed, misled, misinformed, mistreated, left untreated and, as far as the statutes are concerned, raped? This is not medical care. It is complicity with torturers.

You too might want to write a letter.

Words Are Meaningless And Forgettable

I hesitate to quote from the New York Times, the jealous-boyfriend-who-hates-your-besties of newspapers. Ignore it and the Times sends you email about taking it back. Quote it on your blog and the Times threatens you. Well, New York Times: two can play that game. Ead-re the rticle-ay.

Note the tentative language. We’re not talking about egregious labor violations, unsafe working conditions, paycheck theft and extortion; we’re talking about student complaints. Isn’t it charming the State Department took the time to listen? Yes, it’s so charming. As we know, students get riled and have complaints about nothing all the time.

Please hold and our next available representative will be with you shortly.

Complaints Department. How can I help you?

In America, this crap happens all the time, mostly to the working poor. The mistake these companies made was in assuming educated, middle class people would tolerate the same treatment. That the State Department stepped in may be the best reason for hope – about anything – in a long time. I’m shocked it happened. And even though we’re suffering through disgusting finals – the week I call When Freshmen Forget How To Flush – I’m hoping students complain some more.