Frontier Justice Department

Tomorrow, I start folding sweaters for a discount department store with snappy commercials. To be honest, I’m not sure my back and my joints will tolerate the hard, physical work, but I have to try – and begin shopping immediately. While I have an employee discount, i have some necessities to pick up. For one thing, if I spend one more day with an underwire poking me in the ribs, I’m gonna take a hostage. For another, I hate when my friends’ parents had marital relations in February, dozens of years ago, and now November birthdays stomp me, annually. I love my friends, possibly because they were shaped by having been born at this time of year, who knows, but every year in November I feel like my head’s pinched in a vise.

Back from the hairdresser with hair that’s shiny, healthy and a surreal wine color. My hairdresser, who is quite a character in her own right, is about three weeks from the birth of her second child, How she had the patience to spend two hours painting my hair with a couple of pink dyes and trimming the little curls, I’ll never know. I’d tell me to shove it and be grateful I wasn’t ninety months pregnant.

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