If There Was A Me For You

When I’m quiet, it’s because something tedious is happening. I’d hate to test your patience with whining, so consulting the Cliff Notes –

Before dawn Friday morning, I awoke, gasping for breath. The pain in my right leg was like a floodlight on my face. After a few years, I found a way to lie still such that the pain only felt like an annoying 100 watt bulb in the next room and I fell asleep. Friday morning, I could barely put weight on my right leg, so I hobbled to the living room and called out crooked, because sick wasn’t quite accurate. Later, I crawled to the chiropractor’s office, where a doctor I’d never met had just had a car wreck on her way to my appointment. I threw my hands up and shouted, “YAHTZEE!” because what else could I do?

Pete took these pictures sometime last weekend. Above, Drusy puts forth a paw and an opinion. We surmise the kittens are now 11 months old, which means they have probably grown to full size. Drusy is tall, lean and weighs nothing. At least twice a day, Drusy walks across my lap and flops on her left side, knowing I will catch and hold her like a baby as she falls asleep. At left, Topaz, who cannot bear to see things atop other things, regards Pete’s sunglasses and glasses case. Unless a human intervenes, Topaz will give the things atop other things three or four little shoves. Then the things will rest on the floor. Most of the time, the things do not break on impact.

On occasion, it is exhilarating to set up the pussycat obstacle course and let hilarity ensue. This is not one of those occasions.

Larry, the little black cat once bent on stealing your soul, made a kitty bugling noise that I came to recognize as his name for me. Perhaps it meant, “You there!” or “Woman!” or “Warm thing I sleep on!” but we’ll never know. He was fond of me most of the time but not above taking a swing at me in the name of behavior modification. Anyway, both kittens now make very similar kitty bugling noises when they can’t find me.

Many names translate from language to language somehow. I wonder where the kittens heard mine.

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