And the Starling Flew For Days

For most of the day, PIC was hosed. Whoops! Domain names can evaporate faster than expensive shampoo. Anyway: problem solved. Hooray for me! And thank you to everyone who called to ask in what new and exciting way I’d fucked up this time.

So let’s talk about building. The unnamed university closes for ten days. This gives me time to check a few important tasks off my To Do List:

1. See a few of my closest friends, goddamnit. You know: the people I almost never see in person anymore.

2. Those things in this giant old house I never get to clean and drive me out of my tiny mind? I’m going to clean those. Oh yes. I will clean them.

3. My hip is kicking my ass. I’ve been exercising every day, but for the next two weeks, I’m going to try to fit an hour of yoga every day. If I can’t make a dent in the amount of pain and stretch out my short temper, I’ll have to present myself back at the doctor’s for some sort of humbling treatment plan like a normal person. I am not normal! Two weeks of winter yoga concentration will help. Grrr! Bark! Bark!

So there you have it: I’m going to sleep in, rest up, clean up, catch up and stretch out, and when it’s over, I hope to be ready to start fresh with a better fucking attitude. One more day at the office, and then: the real work begins.

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