Love Will Come But Like A Refugee

Seriously, I have a house guest hangover. Sabrina’s on a train to Secaucus. I’m draped over my desk, blurting, “I’m awake!” each time a co-worker trots past my desk. Pete, Sabrina and I talked all Saturday evening, all day Sunday and I wish I could have stayed home but I was afraid someone would talk to me, so I came to work, where people are used to me growling and baring my teeth.

Omigod. I’m exhausted! My hair, while really nice, is pointing towards magnetic north. I put on makeup this morning but it’s like my face soaked up color and demanded more. I’m wearing a pink shirt. Why do I own a pink shirt?

This is better than when I used to wake up with strange people and mysterious tattoos – but not by much!

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