The Water Where You Came From

1. People ask me a lot of the same crazy questions over and over at the family store, but my favorite is, “Do you think this will look good in my living room?”

2. She rang the doorbell an hour ago in tonight’s snow storm. Apparently, the Sierra Club works rain or shine. I let her in so she could thaw for a minute and I would have made her a cup of tea if we hadn’t just lost water. Snow in pots and bowls was melting on radiators and knitted squares Darla had left for me were piled everywhere. I’d reached a miserable crossroads in trying to join them for cat blankets when the girl said, “I’m interning at this shelter for orphaned wild animals in Blairstown, where the woman uses pockets like those for the baby possums.” She wrote down the name of the shelter and its phone number. I stared at the squares, then I looked back at her. “Are you allergic to chocolate?” She said no. I brought her a plastic container from the kitchen. “It’s homemade cocoa granola,” I said. “I’m not joining the Sierra Club, but you’ve really helped me. Please take it.”

3 responses to “The Water Where You Came From

  1. Go look at my facebook wall and see pics of one of the deliveries. I’ll send Rachel over here to admire the possum pockets. 🙂 And poke that other person to send more yarns.

  2. Ack! I’m so sorry! I thought they were easy to join just because my mother can do it. That’ll teach me.

    It would be awesome if they became possum pockets. Because, hey POSSUM POCKETS! How cool are those?

  3. Shaaaaaa! You keep forgetting your mom is a SUPERHERO who can do ANYTHING.

    Do not apologize! The squares are turning into something different, I learned about a group I didn’t know existed and POSSUM POCKETS!

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