My Spheres Are In Commotion

I can’t believe I heard about Dance Your Ph.D. today. It’s been going on for years! Be careful, some of this science is a little loud.

Look at this brilliance!

I don’t understand this at all, but I love unitards and enjoy a good hat.

On a personal note, this is as good an explanation of arthritis and joint replacement as you will find anywhere.

You Don’t Have To Be A Star

This morning, I was looking in my bathroom closet for body wash because I was out of body wash and I wasn’t going to forget – again – that the bottle of body wash was empty. No, I was going to find body wash in a closet that didn’t contain any body wash. I called down to Pete and said, “Somehow, we are out of soap.” And I continued peering into that body washless closet, lamenting that I had failed to buy more body wash when a bar of soap inches from my right hand said, “Well. Isn’t this awkward?”

One Path And the Second In

More than I could see at the time.

Tata: Why is the boat slowing down?
Pete: I don’t know.

Turns out, there was AN ISLAND in our path. I later told this to Mom who narrated:

Mom: Don’t hit a rock don’t hit a rock don’t hit a rock don’t hit an island. Where’s the bar?

Excellent footnote: most of Martha’s Vineyard is a dry island. That Pete and I stumbled into establishments where young waiters mispronounced Italian words but brought us wine and beer made us very damn cheerful. And in the fog, we did not hit that continent in our boat’s path.