Next Time Around You Could Be

The nicest thing I can say about this sad chick flick

I lifted this piksha from Think Progress and my fingers are still sticky.

– is that it flunks the Bechdel Test.

Fortunately, I’m not a nice person. Darrell Issa can kiss my entire ass and most of yours too.

A Rocket Launched To the Great Blue Yonder

Yesterday I remembered it was winter, the time I’d said I wanted to jar stock for the summer, when I apparently drink it as a mixer. I can’t explain that. Anyway, the doorway to this better future was the pressure canner Pete bought me a year ago and which I had not developed the nerve to try. I washed out some jars, heated some lids and road tested the pressure canner. It was a test of courage. I removed cats from the kitchen. I hunkered down with both chicken and mushroom stocks, jars, lids, rings and a Sharpie for labeling. Liquids came to their various temperatures, moved to proper locations and eventually to one large pot with a rattling pressure regulator. Pete hovered nearby, advising on procedural matters and wielding tongs. Finally, a timer rang and we turned off the heat to let everything cool. We fled the kitchen to celebrate our success from a safe distance. Huzzah!

The canning instructions at Doris And Jilly Cook were straight forward and invaluable. While unnerving, the process wasn’t difficult. We’ll wait a week or two, then open a jar to test it. I feel braver already.

Clearly A Case For Cornflakes And Classics

Siobhan: Holy crap! It’s snowing!
Tata: Where…where are you?
Siobhan: Bridgewater. Why?
Tata: Because here it’s sunny and windy.
Siobhan: You would not believe how much snow is on my windshield!
Tata: Maybe you have your own weather now. It wouldn’t be unheard of. Think back: did you call the Chinese place and order a frozen microburst?

As soon as we swore to be mortal enemies and hung up on each other – our customary sign-off – I observed what looked like a very sunny blizzard on the street in front of my house and clear blue sky in my backyard. So naturally I wondered if my house was approaching the speed of light and how much Dramamine I might need for that.

Do You Don’t You Want

Every day brings news we don’t expect to hear, like that modern goat herders –

may be less lonely than they used to be.

In other news, goats look like they might be excellent playmates and I want them. Want! I would like to dress them up like the cast of Mad Men and walk them on leashes to the drug store in the center of town. What could go wrong?