Addicted to a Sugar-Coated Pill

Friends of the blog might recall that I used to write one. Wasn’t that something! I wrote and wrote for years, then I ran out of words, so I took pictures instead and let them do the talking. A few years ago, at about the same time as a memorable election, even that compromise no longer worked for me. I considered giving up the blog a few times. When we all went home to quarantine in March, I thought, ‘Here’s a chance to get my shit together and blog,’ but my job became very intense and the days blurred together. Three months whizzed by – imagine calendar pages flipping madly! – and here I am. Here’s a picture:

My fifty year romance with the United States Postal System burns brightly.

Yep, still writing for Postcards For Voters on another Vote By Mail campaign for Florida. I love those. The writing goes slowly, but the hand cramps are worth it. A few months back, I saw statistics about how Florida Democrats were enrolling in Vote By Mail in droves. Hopefully, the pandemic provided a big hint about how mailing in a ballot might be safer than turning up to vote with hundreds of your closest friends, but you never know.

When the current administration threatened to shutter my dear USPS a few months back, I bought a metric shitload of stamps. My house was full of art supplies, like these sticky-sweet greeting cards an organization I support sends out to entice donors to donate. I’ve been mailing these cards to people in zero danger of mistaking me for a nice person: my friends. Now, I’m all out of Christmas and birthday cards, and I’ve moved on to stationery hoarded by my late mother. After that, the sky’s the limit. What the hell, I might dabble in origami.

Anyhoo: buy some stamps, make art projects, mail them to other fun people. Stay home and save your own life, Poor Impulsives.