All Move And Try He Knew

Our Hero, with the thatcherizing contraption, photographed from the bathroom window. I did not at all hang out the window and shout, “Do that spot again, honey!”

Tata: Obviously, we can spend our vast fortune –
Pete: Hahahahahahahahaha!
Tata: – on one meal and it’ll be fantastic, but can you conjure up really great dinners for two for less than $10? Can you do it every night?
Pete: I can….Yes. I can.
Tata: I double dog dare you!

Recipes will follow. Twenty-some years ago, I rented a room here in town from a crazy woman desperate to save her home from foreclosure after a very bad divorce from a violent man. Yeah, I slept with a baseball bat anyhow because I’d had an invigorating breakup with a man who kept a butcher knife in the trunk of his car, so it was nothing new. What was new was her mania for meal planning. “My best meal cost $.39 per serving,” she said, with a gleam in her eye. “It was great!” I can’t tell you how I wanted to go out and buy her bags of marshmallows, but I did learn that if you keep your head, you can eat a balanced diet. It’s on everyone’s mind, maybe yours, too. With every meal, you can know that you’re kicking the asses of industrial agriculture, our corporate overloads and your bank, besides. It’s like you need theme music!

What are you eating?