My Spheres Are In Commotion

I can’t believe I heard about Dance Your Ph.D. today. It’s been going on for years! Be careful, some of this science is a little loud.

Look at this brilliance!

I don’t understand this at all, but I love unitards and enjoy a good hat.

On a personal note, this is as good an explanation of arthritis and joint replacement as you will find anywhere.


A Rainstorm And You Howl Like

Atticus among Dad’s bonsais.

Atticus, whom we first met after one of my stepmom Darla’s cats Squidge became an ex-cat, has also vacated the job. Atticus spent the first ten years of life with an elderly gentleman Darla didn’t know, so when Atticus came to live at Dad and Darla’s house, everyone was very pleased that the new guy was calm and peaceful.

In the spring of 2007, – forgive that I’m repeating myself – Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I slept on Dad’s office floor for a month. My back has never forgiven me, but this happened, too:

For a couple of weeks, I awakened with a twelve-pound cat tangled in my shining tresses. I’d spend half an hour talking to said cat, whose name is Atticus. He’d purr, he’d preen. He’d tell me where he wanted to be scratched and nip if I scratched out of bounds. Then, I’d go downstairs and start household chores for the day. One morning, Darla and I were discussing something serious when Atticus padded softly into the kitchen, took one look at me and sauntered off.

Tata: Darla, am I imagining it or is that cat pretending we’re not sleeping together?
Darla: He’s acting like he doesn’t know you in public!

Apparently, Atticus saw Samantha sitting on my lap and now he’s all like “Girlfriend, please!” And I’m all like “But honey, you’re the only cat for me!” And Atticus is like “Sugar, I’m not sure you even like cats.” I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’!

This morning, he was sleeping near my head but not on it, but he did tangle my hair a little. While I wonder if Atticus will take me back, the world keeps turning.

A sweet guy with a keen fashion sense.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about Island of the Blue Dolphins, which I like every other girl my age read as a teenager. Sometimes we have no control over whether or not we are alone or who our companions might be. Atticus certainly had no say in such matters, but for the past few years after Darla moved back to Canada, Atticus liked sleeping on a corner of Darla’s bed, with his paws resting on her hand. Sometimes, love is a situation.

It’s odd, I guess, that I was mulling over a book from my childhood and the loss of a cat-friend on the twenty-first anniversary of my grandmother Edith’s death when Wintle sent along this.

Everything goes somewhere, but no one’s going anywhere in those shoes.

Out There There’s Nothing To Do

This wailing good song by the Handsome Furs from 2009 has been repeating on the mental jukebox.

Good doggie!

I don’t remember hearing this until relatively recently, but if I were still listening to mainstream radio I would never have heard it at all. Thank you, Altrok! The Official Video! for this song is zombietastic and so gross. I don’t know how people wipe the butts of tiny children can watch zombie-related film or video without pondering how much of other folks’ goo might be coating them. Then again, who doesn’t love a good moisturizer?