Is All I Need To Hear

A few days ago, my left hand started forming the alphabet – a, b, c, d, e – and my hand couldn’t think of f. F? Fucking f! I need that!

When I heard this song this morning, I knew – Ah! – I had forgotten this, too.

Live It Up And Die In Bed

Pete’s feets, being feety, doing feet things.

Good news: Scientists have developed an oxygen substitute shot that might keep patients alive for thirty minutes.

Researchers at the Boston Children’s Hospital have developed a new microparticle that can be used to oxygenate blood cells and keep a non-breathing patient alive for up to 30 minutes, according to the scientific journal Science Transitional Medicine.

The particles, a combination of fat and oxygen, can be injected directly into a vein, giving medical professionals precious time to properly ventilate a dying patient.

Even better news: you are not a bunny.

Researchers first tested the injection on rabbits and found that oxygen saturation increased within seconds of the particles hitting the animals’ bloodstream, despite the rabbits’ tracheas being blocked.

There has got to be a better way. I don’t claim to know what it is, but this way is just gruesome.

Out Of His Haunted Sleep

Miss and Mr. Sasha and both of the little Sashas moved to Colorado Springs in May, which was all good news until Colorado Springs caught fire. I am not enjoying pictures published in the media.

If you recall, last year at this time, they lived in Minot, ND which suffered a catastrophic flood from which Minot has not fully recovered. I did not enjoy pictures of that, either.

Yesterday, Miss Sasha reminded friends that she and Mr. Sasha were in New Orleans the week before Hurricane Katrina. We have decided, she said, the elements hate us. In her place, I might be on the lookout for earthquakes and landslides.

Want to lend a hand? Many thanks!
Humane Society, Pikes Peak Region

Red Cross, Colorado Chapters

Be Guarded By Monkeys

I have 2 usernames for Google and Blogger with a password each, one each for WordPress, two account numbers with passwords for the credit union, two usernames and passwords for my retirement accounts, a password for both my personal phones’ voicemails, a password for my laptop, a username and password for my work PC, for the database and my old work phone, a username and password for my work, personal and blog emails, a username and password for my blog’s service provider, for my cable TV account, for my AmEx, for my savings bonds and a pin number for my debit card. I have usernames and passwords for several blogs I frequent. This is not a complete list. I do not know my land line number at home.

My job wants me to choose a new password for my new phone, which has a new number.

I’m doomed.