Who Should Know Better Than That

Your eyes do not deceive you: Pete and I rode our bikes on the bike path around Sandy Hook on a pleasant day, and the air was indeed blue. A week of storms approaches; the cloud cover kept the air cool and moist and perfect for a ten-mile ride. As we were leaving, what appeared to be an accidental convention of people walked oddly large and exceedingly happy poodles onto the beach. Later, we had plates of fried seafood on a pier because you have to do that.

Cartwheels Turn To Car Wheels

Tonight, a herd of volunteers turned up to work for the food pantry – and thank Vishnu. There was a whole lot of work to do, a new coordinator and a stranger who decided to tell me what to do. I put down my holey double bag of USDA items and found something else to do. She was not the boss of me! Plus: her wife could’ve dropped me like a bad habit. But everything turned out okay, dozens of bags were prepared and stacked neatly in bins and the shelves were neatly stocked. Every task was completed with an almost balletic precision. Then someone opened a donation bag filled with socks. We all stared for a bit, then tied them up for donation to the church thrift store because they were socks and almost no one eats those.

House the People Living In

Yeah, I don't know.

Next week, the tiny town hosts restaurant week. For less than $20 per person, eight restaurants offer an appetizer, a main course and a dessert between September 28-October 3. Tonight, we had dinner at the tiny town’s new Peruvian restaurant. We ran in there for a quick lunch once between a biker funeral and shifts at the family stores, but tonight was the first time we sat down for a lovely dinner. I didn’t lick my plate or anything – but it was close and next week, I can try something else. Yay!