Make Sure She’s All In

About a week ago, a whole lot of small, annoying setbacks finally kicked my ass. This afternoon, things started to come back together. The hurricane weekend suits me. I’m tired and can hardly wait for a peaceful Sunday inside my house. You, however, get some Johnny in the sunshine.

A Villa Or A Small Chalet

My home computerizing device has again tried to go to Heaven, and by Heaven, I mean the Edgeboro Garbage Dump. Yes, I know garbage isn’t supposed to go into the dump anymore. No, I wasn’t going to give someone else the satisfaction of winging it like a broken frisbee into the smelly abyss: I wanted to fling it myself and derive all the cardio benefits one might from a tantrum. Last night, Pete reminded me that home computerizing device might have a reparable problem. I sat down and thought, Huh. Maybe I should repair that. I know! I was shocked too.

In any case: blogging may be interrupted briefly while I figure out how far patience gets me. In the meantime, Johnny’s got some questions for you.