Truly Beautiful To Behold

This week, I’m trying out relaxing. It’s not in my nature. All of my adult life, I’ve had two, three and sometimes four jobs, and time to sitting quietly to mull stuff over got squeezed out of my life nearly forty years ago. That seems crazy to me, but we’re all older than we think we are. You, for instance, have forgotten that when Jimi Hendrix was your age, he’d been dead a long time, but also that’s not really important because it happened before you were born, which is ancient history. Don’t worry about it. Also: have you joined AARP?

So…come here often?

When you have time to think, what do you think about? I think about making pasta from scratch and taking classes and when I can retire and think these thoughts every day? I think about how I can do more and be more effective for causes I care about, and how can I find time to help people learn about things that in my opinion they need to know. Obviously, I need to retire. Now, you and I have been talking about our poor impulse control since I was reasonably young and hotter than lava, and how can I square all that sexy talk with free time and track suits? Ya got me. I’ve got to rethink everything.

My baby sister, who was born when I was nearly thirty, decided last fall that she couldn’t work with the general public anymore. She up and quit her job as a bank manager. It’s not just her, or me. It’s time to re-think who we are in relation to work and time. There has never been a better time to quit your job and look for something closer to what you want to do, on terms you can live with long term.

For the time being, I’m still wrangling vendors for the unnamed university, but it’s time to imagine something else. What are you thinking about?

Hanging Around With You

Happy New Year to you and you, and possibly you, too. The world is different this year than in others, but Pete and I went for a walk on the first day of January with our cameras, as we have done for a long time. Unlike other years, I lost concentration for a moment and fell in someone’s driveway, so at least there was comic relief.

Close up picture of a decorative cabbage with several drops of water.
It’s a cabbage. People have those.

As I’m typing, a winter storm is dumping snow on locales to the south of us and it may move this way. When I went out to feed the chickens earlier, the air had a spooky quality to it I didn’t recognize. Even now, at home two years into the pandemic, new things reveal themselves. For instance, I have the nerve to turn up and call myself a blogger. Imagine the nerve!