With Your Stone Blind Love

ceilingyThe seasons have changed.  I’m adrift in a windstorm of current events and readying the garden for the planting of garlic. Planting is an act of faith.

I am not so sure I have faith. But I need garlic. Garlic is good.


The Killer Awoke Before Dawn

What are you looking at?

After a cold spring and a wet summer, we worried this might be the Year Without Tomatoes. Fortunately, the farmers are finally bringing them in. These roasted heirloom tomatoes will taste like sunny summer in darkest winter.

Seriously, grow some food yourself, buddy.

Sunday’s backyard harvest: potatoes, a cucumber, a hot pepper, green beans. I’d planted early, the squirrels ate everything, then I planted again, so in August, I’m gathering in July goodies.