Aiding and abetting parlor

Last night, Trout and I emptied one of her closets. Then we threw stuff away. I love throwing stuff away. Out, out it goes! Joy!

I didn’t hear from Paulie yesterday, and something funny’s happening with my cell phone, so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that all’s well and Paulie’s dropped face-first in the haggis.

Last week, I cleaned out drawers of my desk. At the bottom, a color copy of one of my favorite Hub City Spoke Repair photographs. James is lying on our luggage, smiling. Marc, crouching, flashes the peace sign. I’m sitting on a suitcase, tipping my hat to the camera. In the background, my car’s being towed away. We were driving like Jehu to the NACB convention when the transmission gave up the ghost and the car glided gracefully into a Rhode Island rest stop. Sean took the picture.

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