A Miss Ann Elk

Someone handed me a pamphlet for Books Through Bars, which despite its name is not an organization determined to make drunks read. No, this group of people delivers books to prisons, a worthy pursuit. If you’re interested in checking them out, try http://www.booksthroughbars.org. On a somewhat personal note, I send books to the Middlesex County Adult Correctional Facility all the time. One of my friends said the library over at the workhouse really blew, and a weekend in stir felt like forever.

The news this week is that David Berkowitz – Son of Sam to you serial killer fans – got religion. Focus on the Bamily, on of those Christian groups that can make a free-thinking gal crazy, is selling copies of radio broadcasts describing his prison conversion. Focus on the Family might take issue with the word “selling” because there’s a suggested donation involved, but money’s changing hands all the same. I can’t really decide if I have an opinion on the matter, except I *am* sure I’d rather spend my pocket change on visits to dinosaur bones.

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