Bon Mot and Mo’ Money

Johnny says:

In the mail today is a video and a book about dog massage. Monday I’m going to take Ernie into Boston for an instructional session with a dog masseur named Arnold. This whole thing is starting to feel rather real, in fact quite surprising in its lack of surprisingness, only surprising in how it points up the uselessness of even bothering to fear change. For example, I always thought i.v. drug abuse, not the drugs themselves but the details of the strap and the spoon and the needle going in, was so lurid and shocking, until I shot up and found the details couldn’t have been more mundane. Like the first time I walked into a convenience store with a magnum in my pants. The gun, I mean. I wonder if it’s like that when you kill someone. Or eat someone. Or take a job in sales.


He tosses this stuff off effortlessly. Sometimes, I’m just speechless.

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