Speed Bump In the Night

Having a bit of trouble with blogger again. Since I have a special relationship with the computer that’s a lot like wearing a string of magnets around my neck, I blame nobody or nothing, and wait to see what went wrong, eventually.

Last night was Trout’s birthday soiree, so we did all sorts of silly things in a restaurant in Bridgewater. The staff hovered over us, explaining everything, bringing us piles of delicious sushi. In a gas station convenience store, I found the most ridiculous centerpiece: a three-inch tall candle in the shape of a birthday cake. It was ghastly, and perfect for the occasion.

Introduced Paulie to my favorite political commentator, Miss Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian. She’s piously wicked. She sells campaign buttons to beat the band.

Let’s see if this bit of banality gets through the ol’ post generating process.

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