Accentuate the Positive

You know, all this could be a dream, or the Cathars could’ve been right and reality is merely an evil distraction in the life of the soul. Either way, I probably didn’t eat enough breakfast to be sure I’m not having low-blood sugar hallucinations if I didn’t know no one in my office is a giant bunny.

I mean it. No bunnies!

Twice in the last twelve hours have I hit the send button before checking to see where the email would travel. This is highly unusual. I got over that kind of faux pas ten years ago. What’s my problem, have I gone tech-mad?

At least, I have on comfortable socks. It’s raw and rainy out, but I am in, and wearing the soft socks. Mamie’s got meetings all morning, so I’m entertaining myself by padding around the office shoeless. It’s a scandal!

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