Speak Freely, For A Price

What Bizarro World are we living in where we should take Howard Stern’s problems to heart? It’s ours. In our crappy world, Stern has become the Voice of Reason vis-a-vis free speech (I’m not a fan and personally find him repulsive.) His problems are our problems. Fortunately for him, his solution is to abandon broadcast radio for the satellite service. Unfortunately for us, that means we’re surrendering the airwaves to the Bush-appointed, fine-happy theocons one network at a time.

When I’m home alone, I cope with being annoyed or frustrated by getting on my little Sharper Image stepper contraption. Paulie gave me this gadget last year when knee pain put me in physical therapy for months, and if I didn’t keep it up, I was going to end up incapacitated again. Anyway, it’s good for when I’m in one of those moods, and nothing makes me cranky like every little thing our president and his appointees do. The result: four more years are going to give me very well-toned knees.

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