Survey Says!

On the Discovery Channel, it’s Shark Week. Horoscopically speaking, Saturn transited between Cancer and Leo but is spending a week tormenting each and every one of us. Until Saturday, you should regard everyone you meet as armed and dangerous; expect to find your face on the Post Office wall. It should come as no surprise my entire family can’t decide who to punch first. One of my favorite funky modern mystics, Rob Breszny at, says that starting tomorrow, “it’s essential that you give off warm, engaging, intimate vibes in the coming weeks.” Coincidentally, my sisters went on vacation and left me the keys to the family business. I’m going to spend the next four days dabbling in retail and smiling over a New Age soundtrack. So, maybe that’ll be my face on the Post Office wall. And…we’re back to panoramas of teeth.

I feel warmer already.

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