The Innocence Shining Through

You may have noticed I have a little temper. It’s not like it used to be. I’ve matured. I’ve grown. I haven’t had a barfight in years. And I’m not gonna. For instance, my recently born-again cousin is getting remarried in late February. I have to decline the wedding invitation because if I have to listen to my beloved cousin give even one more condescending grace that ends with, “Go, Jesus, Go!” like if there was or is a Jesus He might need a pep talk before the Big Game, I’m going to grab my dear cousin by his gospels and punch him in his Pentecostal vision. Which I’m not gonna do. As I said, I’ve matured.

Even so, nothing makes my head pound like the hypocrite who takes advantage of an opportunity, then ensures no one else can have it. Clarence Thomas can shove his internalized racism and his loathing of the very programs that parked his rear on the Supreme Court up his ass. Women who make a career of telling other women to get back in the kitchen should expect that karma to come back and bite them with a full set of overbleached canines and incisors. The worst – the very worst – are anti-choice activists who get abortions, then punish other women for getting the same procedures.

I saw red when I found all that. How does a person of good will hang up her cleats and contemplate a life of non-violence in the face of that bullshit?

Count to ten. Then take action. Perhaps some good can come of all this bad, bad behavior – even mine.

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