Crashers Getting Bombed

Anya, Mary and I ran our butts off in a tiny space at the family store for hours, including a raucous visit from The Fabulous Ex-Husband, his fiancee Karen, Miss Sasha and Mr. Sasha. Customers were thrilled when this was a felicitous turn of events not ending in bloodshed. No, it ended in gift wrapping. Everything ended in gift wrapping. I didn’t get home until 10:30, so I was up until 1 assembling the manicotti. Now, I’m off to the store again.

Yesterday, a customer came toward me with a Yule card, asking, “What’s this for?” Mary and I, seeking to avoid an Unfortunate Incident, smiled and spoke all at once.

Mary: Some people celebrate the Solstice –
Tata: It’s kind of seasonal –
Mary: The changing of darkness to light –
Tata: It doesn’t at all involve bonfires and nekkid dancing, no –
Mary: Get a load of you, sistah…
Tata: Oh. Was that my outside voice?
Customer: So it’s not for Christmas?
Mary: Noooo.
Tata: Still, very festive…!

Back soon.

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