Move On Back To Squares

Larry the little black cat lives! He’s having his teeth cleaned and problem teeth removed as we speak, and he’ll have his nails cut while he’s unconscious.

This morning, Paulie Gonzalez picked us up and drove us to the vet’s office. This was key because I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t fold under pressure, which I didn’t because he was there to keep me honest. Yesterday, Paulie’s new girlfriend, who is a veterinarian herself, talked me down from teary hysteria, so the two of them were really helpful. I thought I’d be telling you now that Larry went to the Great Beyond. Instead, Larry is again bent on stealing your soul – or he will be, when he wakes up.

Thanks to everyone who’s written and called. Thanks to you for caring about us.

Thank you, you wild things.

Update: My cat’s drunk! It’s not a lampshade, but he sure is wearing my blanket on his head. To paraphrase Jazz’s favorite punchline: half a cat!

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