To Me In Darkness Not In Light

Image: Suspect Device

Scout Prime at First Draft:

The last count of those missing in Louisiana is 135. The number who lost their lives due to the immediate direct result of Katrina is 1723. However a new study looked at the number of people who have died over the course of time yet related to “Katrina” and this would place the toll at 4081 people as of March 2007. More info on this and above figures is available at Robert Lindsay ‘s blog.

You’ll find remembrances all over the blogosphere today, but nobody ties it together like Jill. President Bush visits New Orleans today. I don’t want to sully my karma with futile wishes for poetic justice, but let’s say I wouldn’t be unhappy to see news footage tonight involving a voodoo doll and a backed-up Superdome toilet.

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