In All, I Don’t Know Where We’re Going To

Attention: Poor Impulsives! Please make your own sandwiches!

For dinner, Pete carved up a leftover grilled double-thick boneless pork chop and placed it in pleasing geometric patterns on square whole wheat bagel bread. He seasoned turkey breast with olive oil, salt and pepper and grilled it. Pete sliced the turkey breast and placed the slices on the geometrically pleasing pork chop slices before dripping homemade spicy peach barbecue sauce on the sandwiches and the counter. Finally, Pete added two slices of provolone to each pile. He put the sandwiches into a giant hot cast iron pan and covered them with aluminum foil, weighting them down with another cast iron pan. Pete whistled along with the tune on the radio and turned the sandwiches over. He cut them into appealing diagonal quarters. Then we ate the sandwiches and I said a lot of rude things that sounded like, “Ahhh mmmm. I would do you just for this.”

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