The Story, It’s A Little Thing

Belated cat blogging, if you will. Left to right: Pete’s feet, Drusy and Topaz.

Yesterday, we all took a nap together. I’ve had a rough week with pain and by Friday morning, I couldn’t face another agonizing day at my desk so I called out and spent most of the day supine and perturbed. Pete, smarter than your average bear, took off early to run errands and came back exhausted. When all four of us lay down to nap, I couldn’t say who snored first. It was all paws in the air for a while, then I limped of to the living room for the camera. The big surprise is that Drusy didn’t follow me, as she always does.

Monday morning, the bedroom closet pushed open and out padded tiny Topaz with an ancestral ball of yarn in her teeth. She made eye contact for a moment and ran off. Later, my apartment looked like a giant blue polyester spider web. Even when the kittens catnapped, my attempts to roll up the yarn and put it away met with playful resistance. Plus, if I did get the yarn back in the closet, Topaz would just steal it back. I couldn’t be annoyed because the knotty designs around and under the furniture across three rooms were so, so cool.

Last week, I took two fantastic yoga classes. This week, I’m hoping to take three.

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