Friday Cat Blogging: Is the Loneliest Edition


Madame is often underfoot, scolding me for some minor transgression. She chastises me for the condition of the apartment by finding woodscrews and batting them noisily across the floors. She pouts when I wash dishes if she cannot sit on the counter to observe. She refuses to ruffle her kitteny dignity by asking to be scritched; she will however accept modest caresses if we happen to be alone in the kitchen, and the other cat’s otherwise occupied. Maybe.

Pete and I were in Sears when I heard the siren song of red shoes. I picked out a pair, fully expecting to suck it up and pay full price. If you look at the box, there’s a sticker on it I did not see. The red shoes were reduced from $39 to about $15, and there was an additional 50% off. When the cashier said, “That’s $7.49,” I thought I heard wrong, but no! $7.49 for a pair of red Land’s End suede shoes! I called Daria and the next day, we went and bought her a pair. Then Daria went back and bought the babysitter a pair, and Mom, and Daria’s best friend. I told my co-workers. One went yesterday and bought four pair. Last night, I informed Anya and Corinne that there were $7.49 red suede shoes. Note the tiny paw of the happy kitten as she sits in the tiny charming shoe box.

Topaz rejoices!

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