You Can Only Train Elephants

Meet Zaidie.

Wendy, whom I’ve never met and no, we have NOT practiced this trick in front of a mirror ten thousand times, sent along this picture of her new puppy. If you’ve missed reading the comments here for a few months, Wendy worked up the nerve to acquire a pup. Zaidie is an impetuous fellow with a great deal of energy, which is a great combination in all one’s closest wild animal friends outdoors. Indoors? Hide your shoes. And the couch. Everything’s so delicious! How can he be blamed for the deliciousness of EVERYTHING?

I love stories about people acquiring animal companions. The shelters are full of people disguised as dogs, cats, ducks, reptiles – you name it – waiting for people to love. Our homes are happier and we’re happier when we find the right companions. Look at that face! That little guy is so cute I made the “nom nom nom” noise. I’m deeply ashamed!

But really. That is one adorable puppy. Congratulations, Wendy!

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