And Things Were Looking Like A Movie

A little while ago, Pete walked out to the fence to take that nightly picture we’ve neglected for the last week. As he framed this shot, he heard people talking, then saw them and their sleeping bags in the dark on the other side of this fence. Startled, he turned and walked back. Just then, a cop car materialized in the cul-de-sac and Pete waved. “There are people sleeping behind that fence,” Pete said.

I wouldn’t have done that, but Pete did because his tiny, middle-aged girlfriend sleeps 20 yards from this fence and he’s alarmed. The river people were down closer to the bridge and at river level a few days ago. I haven’t worried about them, but with a third night of rain predicted, I’m worried for them.

If they’re still there tomorrow, I should make them sandwiches.

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