Boys In Bikinis, Girls On Surfboards

A few weeks ago, I started hearing a song in my head I didn’t recognize, and didn’t know where I’d heard it. With rings on my fingers and bells on my toes, I shall have music wherever the hell, and for a person who goes nowhere, I sure do get around. On Friday, I realized it was playing on Altrok Radio, so I called up Sean and said, “This is your demographic speaking. What is the name of this song?”

Sean said, “Sing it for me.”

I said, “It doesn’t have words I can hear but it’s like a Beach Boys song played by Peter Gabriel’s band after an exceptional night with hot- and cold-running vodka.”

It’s Yeasayer and 2080. This video made by a fan is a patient and lovely rendering of the piece. YouTube has a live studio version – which I would usually prefer – but I hear the singer’s nerves.

I like it even better now that I recognize lyrics.

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