Everybody’s Got A Little Light Under the Sun

Why does this manicotti look different from all other manicottis? Because I made half the crepes with whole wheat flour. The stuffing for the whole wheat crepes includes sausage and wild mushrooms, to capitalize on the nuttier flavor. I liked the image of the manicotti on the stove in the apple-green kitchen. It’s kind of pretty, which strikes me as a very funny thought.

In other funny thoughts: people have different philosophies about gifts. Some folks say gifts should be things you wouldn’t buy for yourself. My favorite gifts are the ones that I use in everyday life. My brother Todd gave me an insulated jacket I’ve worn for twenty years now and it’s got one frayed corner. That’s a good gift. Pete feels pretty much the way I do, and for Christmas, he wanted a wheelbarrow. Last Sunday, he picked out the component parts at Home Depot. As we went through checkout, I said, “Shhh! That’s his present and it’s A SECRET!” The cashier lit up.

So, yeah. I gift-wrapped a wheelbarrow. Thought I wouldn’t? I had to call Daria and tell her: “Dude, I totally gift-wrapped a wheelbarrow.” Daria said, “You…Tyler! Domenica gift-wrapped a wheelbarrow! How’d you do it?” “I am a geeeeenius,” I said. “That is how.”

I figured I should take a picture of this pretty quickly because the cats were very interested in helping me by eating the ribbons and subduing the paper and will probably help us unwrap the moment we leave the house. Happy Christmas Eve, if you celebrate this. Happy Hanukkah, if you celebrate that. Happy Wednesday, if you don’t. I mean, who can live without those?

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