You Pour Yourself Over Me Like the Sun

La la la going along la la doing stuff la la la – what the hell?

“I’m shaking my head at the irony of Joy of Cooking frozen food products.”
—Lisa Fain

Christ on a Triscuit, what’s this mess, then?

Evidently, you can use the Joy of Cooking to learn, like, joyful cooking, or you can skip the joy and the cooking, and yet you will eat. It’s genius, really. I wish I’d thought of it myself and called them up, “Hello? It’s Ta. No, we’ve never met. Yes, I’ve got your book. No, it’s a couple of editions back. Yes, I’ve got this great idea. It’s so great it’s almost diabolical. You know how you teach people to cook? Right, right. You can also teach them they can’t by selling them frozen foods they can’t duplicate at home without a degree in chemistry. Well, you never? I should kiss your what – ?”

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