It’s Just the Power To Charm

Perhaps you’ve been reading Poor Impulse Control for a while or perhaps you’re an indoor wild animal sleeping on someone’s keyboard – in which case: Meow. Howdy! Meow. Aren’t the giant bald cats hilarious? If you’re a person, and you’ve been hanging around these parts, you may have noticed a slight change in topic. For instance, we’ve started planting seeds. That’s good and all. What about recycled and natural products? What about green transportation? Are we gonna cook or what? Am I going to get out and take pictures of trees again?

The sports medicine dude and the physical therapist agree: I can start walking to work again next week, and only if it feels okay. Hooray! Next week, I’m out and about in the fresh air again. Yay! I’m relieved, because I’m an indoor-outdoor pet and being indoors all the time has made me cranky. I am not at all sharpening my nails on your couch. Next week, I promise to purr when you pour me a saucer of milk.

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