Not Your Picture That’s Nothing

I’ve been keeping a terrible secret I’ve chosen this moment to tell. Minstrel Boy is on a train traveling east to Netroots, so he may be blissfully out of touch. Dad’s dead and no longer scoffing at my crazy culinary habits. My sisters are all at the beach and Mr. DBK, foodie that he is, may be busy monitoring either health care townhalls or discussing duck en croute with his cat Cora. So it’s possible nobody’s listening, and I’m going to spill this secret. I am! Ready? I’ve found a way to make baking with phyllo dough so unbelievably easy that if you have two functioning hands you can do it even if you can’t cook. I mean that. In fact, I don’t know why I haven’t heard this terrible secret spilled on the Food Network by one of their stars that can’t cook. This weekend, I wrapped up leftovers in phyllo layered properly and quickly, and lost only two sheets to stickiness. How?


I’m so ashamed – or I would be if lunch hadn’t been so delicious.

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