And Throw Them In the Lake

Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall.

As the Republicans openly advocate for armed insurrection and the assassination of the president, I wonder why the lack of response to Hurricane Katrina doesn’t disqualify them from leadership positions of any kind, and from discussion of the general welfare.

That degree of selfishness ought to be a black mark on a person ever after. There can be no redemption – not after corpses floated in the streets, not after the dying begged for help and none came. We talk about the message discipline of the noise machine, but we – by which I mean anyone and everyone else – can do it too.

Thug: ….healthcare is socialism scaaaaaaary –
You: Dude, Hurricane Katrina.
Thug: …national security bugaboo –
You: Sorry, Hurricane Katrina.
Thug: …gift certificate Black president –
You: Wanker, you lost me at Hurricane Katrina.
Thug: …forgetting 9/11 –
You: You forgot Hurricane Katrina. So forget you.

This is how you deal with failure and fools.

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