Your Job Just Like A Holiday

So I came across this picture

The description:

Designer Harri Koskinen
Year 2006
Architonic id 1076989

“The basic idea was to create a lamp series with space and atmosphere. I put my trust in the natural material of glass, in its beauty and its changing reflections. The lamp series consists of a white and grey version that both, and in their own way, bring forward the beauty of electrical light. The lamps are at their best in the late evening, creating a cosy mood around them.”

MATERIAL Mouth blown glass, textile cord
DIMENSIONS Large version: ø 34,8 cm, Height 26 cm; Small version: ø 25,4 cm, Height 19 cm

The form is kind of interesting. The soft light source makes a lot of sense to me, especially since that site offers other lamps by the same designer that aren’t nearly as successful. The lamp is made of glass, which I suspect would last about half an hour in my house full of cats. Generally speaking, I like this designer’s ideas, but what do you think this might be?

Designer Harri Koskinen
Architonic id 1001840

Single coloured relief.
Material: Handtufted 100% New Zealand wool.
Colours: Standard.
l: 2000 mm w: 1580 mm
l: 2000 mm w: 645 mm
Customers size

It’s pretty. What is it?

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