A Little Sugar On It, Baby

On New Scandinavian Cooking, Andreas Viestad discussed cloudberries, and how Norwegians jealously guard the secret locations of cloudberry bushes. He seemed most emphatic about it. His eyebrows took on a life of their own. I’ve been thinking again about the conflict between wild imagination and the frailty of the body. We could plant more, but I’m having trouble vacuuming a whole room. I’d like to teach grade schoolers to grow herbs, but my stamina runs out on the way to the coffee pot. I’ve skipped exercising 10 days out of the last 13 months and feel certain yoga three times a week would significantly improve the condition of my hip, but I need a nap I’m not going to get. Somehow, though, having the ideas seems like enough for the moment. After the holiday madness is over, I’ll have time to ask questions, find programs looking for volunteers and think about the garden. Today, I found a new yoga studio four blocks from my house I might be able to move in and occupy. Depending on the schedule over there, I might not even have to wait. And, as Andreas let slip, cloudberry preserves can be purchased in the States. I’ll never tell you where.

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