Look Amid the Garbage And the Flowers

Last night, I saw about half an hour of this, though not the whole thing, because I saw a shiny object and chased it and I don’t drink bottled water.

This morning, I looked at the ancient plastic cups from which I drink water-cooler-water coffee and water-cooler water and realized I drink so much bottled water out of plastic my innards are probably a Superfund site. Tonight, I washed out old ceramic mugs for coffee and a quart Ball Jar to minimize trips to the water fountain.

One response to “Look Amid the Garbage And the Flowers

  1. I heartily endorse the quart jar.

    Because I’ve been brandishing an old spaghetti sauce jar around at work, 3 people there have followed suit. They were inspired by what they assumed was my ecological mindfulness, but really I just liked the looks of the jar.

    Still, when all is said and done, less styrofoam; more glass.

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