The Things We Want To Do Once

Perhaps the happiest cats are colorblind.

Yes, I’m on vacation, and vacation time passes in the blink of an eye. Yes, I like to spend vacation time in ways that make workaday life better and easier; this morning, for instance, I took down the bedroom drapes and set up the honey-colored sheers to soften eastern light. Tomorrow, I’ll take them to the cleaners, where they’ll vacation for a few weeks. Life moves too fast. That’s not news. This afternoon, I nested on the couch and knitted a cat blanket, then took my yarn outside to sit on the porch, to soak up the afternoon heat, to watch the traffic and listen to dogs walking their people up and down the street. By 6, I’d finished the blanket and felt all the peace a peaceful afternoon had to offer. We had a fantastic dinner Pete whipped up and I fed the inside and outside cats. It was a lovely day.

Then I realized it was Wednesday and I’d missed my civic-minded meeting.

One response to “The Things We Want To Do Once

  1. My idea of a lovely vacation is a week at home to do housework and putter around the edges of home improvements. A few lunches out with friends, a few naps, and I’m a new woman.

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