In the Wild West End Sometime

Last year, one of our most successful preserves was caponata. It was easily cooked, handily jarred and the flavor improved with time in jars. When opened and served with whole grain crackers, caponata can serve as a light, filling meal. Another measure of success: my sister Anya asked how she could have jars of this tasty concoction extracted from my pantry, perhaps by stealth, and placed gently in hers. I appreciated that she didn’t just break into my house and steal stuff she liked, but even more, I really dug the vegetarian’s confirmation that jarring caponata is a brilliant idea. Yay!

This happy accident opens up a new frontier for us: meals in a jar. I’m not talking abut Beefaroni, but I am interested in jarring things that when we open the jar require nothing more than crackers or – even better – just a spoon. It’s got to be nutritious, so 8 oz. jars of chocolate and marshmallows is right out. Do you have any wild ideas? Have you done this? Braintrust: ignite your rockets!

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