Turn Off the Juice, Boy

Tata: We’d looked at fridges and settled on a Hotpoint 17 cu. ft. as a good size/shape for the basement. At Home Depot: $434, with rebates and delivery: $404 plus some change. Hotpoint may be evil, but it’s possibly less evil than Whirlpool, and Home Depot is still on my Merde List.

Siobhan: It took you six months to Google a washing machine, so I’m impressed with your improved shopping ability.

Tata: After you and I talked yesterday, I went home, Pete and I developed a good head of steam and drove over to Derby, which is local and I’d rather buy local. The guy there seemed kind of hostile. I said we were interested in the Hotpoint 17 cu. ft. and Home Depot was selling them for $404 delivered. Three times, I said this. Three times, he said Derby would start at $479 + $60 delivery + taxes, and there’s no way Home Depot was selling this model for that price. I said, “We saw it with our own eyes.” Three times, he essentially called me a liar, so we left. Derby was also selling Girl Scout Cookies, so Pete was sorry to leave.

Siobhan: A case of those qualifies as groceries.

Tata: At Sears, we found a GE Energy Star 18 cu. ft. For $479 + delivery charge + warranty – rebates + tax and could not get a clear picture from the salesman of the price, and it couldn’t be delivered until the 14th. GE is of course evil, but I need a fridge. I came very close to saying, “Fine. Whatever.” Then I didn’t so much change my mind as not commit and the salesman disappeared. We saw three car wrecks in a space of two miles, which NEVER happens.

Siobhan: I’m starting to know how that feels.

Tata: Pete and I drove over to the Home Depot in Milltown, where when we walked in the front door, there stood the GE Energy Star 18 cu. ft. model with a long series of discounts on a sales tag. Bottom line: $331. With tax, it turned out to be $353 + change, delivered Saturday. And that guy at Derby can kiss my entire ass.

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