Advice Of Friends Unheeded

From a glass balcony, Pete photographs the beach behind him and his wife, in another glass room, shushing no one.

5 responses to “Advice Of Friends Unheeded

  1. I miss the shore so much. I lived in Long Branch for years. One of the best times in my life. You bennies can’t appreciate it like people who live there.

  2. Term of derision (though I think the derisive part has fallen away…like “goy” isn’t so much derisive anymore) for people from up north who come down to the shore one the weekend.

    Look up “Benny” in wikipedia. It has the best explanation for the term I’ve ever seen. It even includes the fact that the bennies are of huge importance to the shore economy, which is why I always thought it was a stupid term but one I found entertaining when I became a shore resident.

  3. That’s a myth. It actually refers to passive-aggressive behavior due to an abnormal terror of confrontation.

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