Who Should Know Better Than That

Your eyes do not deceive you: Pete and I rode our bikes on the bike path around Sandy Hook on a pleasant day, and the air was indeed blue. A week of storms approaches; the cloud cover kept the air cool and moist and perfect for a ten-mile ride. As we were leaving, what appeared to be an accidental convention of people walked oddly large and exceedingly happy poodles onto the beach. Later, we had plates of fried seafood on a pier because you have to do that.

4 responses to “Who Should Know Better Than That

  1. So you went to Moby’s, eh? When I lived in Long Branch, I used to bike from my place, through Sea Bright, around the Hook, and back all summer long. That was my regular ride. I think I clocked it at seventeen miles. There was always a stiff headwind either going out or coming back, and I always hoped it would be going out so I wouldn’t have to work so hard coming back. Those were the days. I was young and Ocean Boulevard wasn’t one long stretch of condos. You could actually see the ocean from Ocean Boulevard. I loved living at the shore then. Moby’s was a regular summer evening stop for my girlfriend of the time and I. Sit out on the deck with a cardboard container of steamers and a plastic cup of melted butter, eat steamers and drink beer and watch the boats on the Shrewsbury.

    We also liked that joint at the land end of the Hook where you could get steamed hardshell crabs. Not the restaurant that sold all kinds of food; the one that sold only crabs. I wonder if they’re still there. They steamed big baskets of crabs with Old Bay. You’d order a bushel for two people and they’d give you a fork, plastic bib, and a wooden mallet, then they’d dump the crabs on the newspaper-covered table. You’d grab a crab, tear off the carapace, pick the meat with a fork, teasing tiny pieces out of the tiny spaces, crack the legs and claws with the hammer and pick some more meat…it was just fun. Oh to be young again and living in a rundown shore town…

  2. Bahr’s? Yeah, Bahr’s is right next to Moby’s. Bahr’s was the one that was more like a restaurant for fancy people. Moby’s was more my style. I forgot you could eat outside at Bahr’s.

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