That’s When I Fell For

Via Pam, get a load of this.

No, really. I’ll wait. Put up my feet…admire my cats…velcro Swiffer pads to my bunny slippers…Hey, you’re back. Now I have an entirely serious question for you:


No matter what anyone tells you, no matter who shouts about scaaaary brown people, no matter how many buildings blow up or “heroes” fall down on the job, do you or do you not know whose interests dovetail with yours? I do. For the simple reason that Republicans hold everything I am and do in contempt, I will never – repeat – NEVER vote for a Republican. Republicans act in concert to undermine my very existence and because I understand that I will not help them.

Democrats can either earn or lose my vote. It is owed to no one. I’ve registered Green; I feel nothing but disdain for the corporatist Dems.

What I absolutely do not understand is people so oblivious to their own best interests that they go back and forth. No one’s interests change from country club to soup kitchen and back in an election cycle; people who vote like theirs do are fucking morons.

One of my aunts is so upset Black people draw breath that she votes for politicians who help those determined to foreclose on her house. My aunt is an easily manipulated moron, I’m sorry to say.

Somewhere today in my blogospheric travels, I came across a review of the Signorile calls that urged gay readers of that blog to – come on, guys! – don’t vote for the Republicans even though you have buckets of money because – like – because!

I really almost tossed my waffles. The bottom line is GLBT people of any economic stripe shouldn’t vote for Republicans because Republicans on an almost daily basis act to disenfranchise and sometimes deprive GLBT people of life itself. If you’re Black, if you’re a woman, if you’re poor or have been poor or will someday be old, if you work for a living or possess a human body and you vote Republican YOU ARE VOTING AGAINST YOUR INTERESTS.

Knock it off, moron!

One response to “That’s When I Fell For

  1. From today’s NY Times:

    “Profiles of the incoming Republican freshmen are not encouraging. Half deny the science of global warming, and 39 percent signed on to the know-nothing move to end birthright citizenship under the 14th Amendment, according to the Center for American Progress, a liberal research organization. ”

    Such lovely people.

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