The Way You Know You’re Full Of

Sometimes a product tells you everything you need to know about its purchaser. This one, for instance, tells you people who buy it care so much about their temporary happiness that they give no thought to the garbage they leave behind for their and our children.

And by no thought, I mean ZERO.

2 responses to “The Way You Know You’re Full Of

  1. They do sell permanent filters for these – the kind you have to manually dump and then clean afterwards. If I ever do get one of these things, I *have* to get that filter for it.

  2. Trixie wants one of these things BAD, but I can’t understand why making a single cup of coffee in the regular coffee maker seems like such an impossible task to her. She also balked in confusion when I bought the giant container of low-cost laundry detergent and suggested that we pour it into a smaller container as needed for easier dispensing.

    Our coffee maker works well. Why does she hate my Cuisinart so?

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