The Bus In Seconds Flat

At first, the Travel Channel’s Adam Richman and Man vs. Food were kind of charming.

He even visited one of the temples of absurd foods near me.

Recently, I find gluttony a little difficult to watch.

Food designed to be wasted upsets me.

I can’t enjoy seeing creatures killed in a brutal manner slurped down without a thought.

In fact, the more I see the more revolting the whole spectacle becomes.

Food banks and soup kitchens can’t feed everyone who comes to them for help, so our bread and circuses have become one. Thus, it’s no surprise the Food Network has come up with its own salute to gluttony.

Bon appetit!

4 responses to “The Bus In Seconds Flat

  1. Totally off-topic. She sleeps and then she wakes. Mordant (fake name for our cat since you like to give everyone a pseudonym) often sleeps beside the laptop as I work. She curls up where the machine throws heat out of the side. She just woke up and yawned, sitting back on her haunches. I gave her a gentle rub along the side of her head and she began to wash my arm for me. Now she’s washing her face. If there is any more civilized way to work than with a cat sleeping beside your laptop, I can’t think of it. A steaming cup of coffee would complete the picture, but I didn’t make one.

  2. Sweetpea would be an ideal library cat: warming laps, chasing varmints and arriving back at my desk at treat time. Bet she could help with my filing.

  3. I loves me a good deli sandwich (or actually, half of one) as much as the next girl who cut her teeth at Tabatchnicks. But that Harold’s sandwich is disgusting. There is one in Persnickety, NJ, near where I work. I’m glad I’ve never gone.

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