Really Count To One Hundred

Last night, I candied the Buddha’s hand. Since I’d never candied anything, I consulted with Minstrel Boy and found other instructions on Because I can’t follow a recipe to save my life, it really helped to have photographs I could draw mustaches on. Turns out candying stuff is not hard to do. I have no attention span and I didn’t burn down the house. You can do it.

We're all more glam when Pete's taking pikshas.

Buddha's hand plus sugar plus water plus time equals candy plus syrup.

I have oranges. They’re next!

One response to “Really Count To One Hundred

  1. I candied ginger to make Alton Brown’s Ginger Snaps recipe. You can buy candied ginger, but if I had done that it would have made the cookies cost about $8 each (a slight exaggeration, but candied ginger is EXPENSIVE). Came out delicious, but I wouldn’t do it again. To much work.

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